25 March, 2024

GUZMAN POLYMERS, a leading polymer distribution company, offers an extensive range of products.

Woodly Ltd is a technology company based in Finland, pioneering wood-based plastics.

What is Woodly material? Woodly is a 100% carbon-neutral and certified biodegradable material that can be used for various applications.

Woodly’s main material comes from forests managed according to international ecological and ethical standards. The use of cellulose made from certified wood ensures that the pulp producer has taken care of the forests’ biodiversity.


Woodly 100 Series for Film and Thermoforming

The Woodly 100 series features product grades suitable for both blown film and cast film extrusion lines. Woodly 100 films are clear and transparent, and easy to use in thermoforming. Woodly 100 has product grades for both flexible and rigid packaging applications. Typical applications include:

  • Flexible packaging for food, flowers, and textiles.
  • Film with high gloss for laminating on cardboard packaging.
  • Thermoformed packaging for fresh food and clamshell packaging for electronics.


Woodly 200 Series for Injection Molding

The Woodly 200 series is easy to use in injection molding. The products have high transparency and clarity and are also easy to dye. Typical applications include:

  • Storage containers for home and office.
  • Cups and containers for food and drinks.