27 February, 2024

Discover the Outstanding Mechanical Properties of LEONA™ PA66 Resins

Dive into the excellence of LEONA™ PA66 resins, a material that goes beyond traditional limits. Here’s a glimpse into the outstanding mechanical properties that make LEONA™ an effective alternative to metals.

Strength and Rigidity: LEONA™ PA66 resins redefine durability with excellent strength and rigidity. These materials feature high strength and remarkable impact resistance, standing out in the world of engineering resins.


Molecular Marvel: The secret lies in the molecular structure of PA66 resins. Strongly intertwined polymer chains, along with hydrogen bonds between molecules, form the basis of LEONA™’s strength. This unique arrangement enhances the material’s mechanical capabilities, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications.


Water Absorption-Induced Plasticity: LEONA™ takes versatility to the next level with water absorption-induced plasticity capabilities. Water molecules occupy amorphous sites within the material, providing an additional dimension to its adaptability.


Automotive Excellence: Chosen by automotive OEMs worldwide, LEONA™ PA66 products have found their place in various automotive components. From cylinder head covers that prevent engine oil splashes to supports and mounting components for vibration reduction devices, LEONA™ is the preferred material. Its heat resistance and mechanical properties make it ideal for engine timing chain guides, oil splash shields, oil pumps, cooling pumps, battery pipes, door mirror bases, retaining brackets, and even smart key casings.


Driving the Electric Revolution: As the automotive landscape shifts towards electric vehicles, Asahi Kasei supports this transition with LEONA™. Resin product proposals such as end plates for lithium-ion battery modules and components in thermal management systems showcase LEONA™’s adaptability to cutting-edge technologies.


In a world where innovation meets reliability, LEONA™ PA66 resins are a testament to the limitless possibilities of engineering resins.


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