2 February, 2022

Guzman Polymers Obtains Certificate ISCC PLUS

Guzman Polymers is a family business specialized in the distribution of raw materials for the polymer industry. It has a wide range of plastics and rubbers, representing recognized manufacturers of international prestige and distribute their products to meet the needs of their customers in Spain. They aspire to provide an excellent and innovative service, and provide the necessary technical assistance to cover the transformation process, from the design of the piece to its realization. For this they have the ISCC certificate for their products.

What is the ISCC certification?

ISCC certifies that the company that obtains the certificate meets the ISCC EU requirements on sustainable biomass production, traceability of origin, and documentation on the potential for saving greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuels. It is made up of 3 days of audit for each of its warehouses in Valencia, Barcelona and Bilbao, where each warehouse is inspected to see the necessary conditions and documents of sustainable materials are suitable for distribution to their customers. Hand in hand with their partner Sabic, Guzman Polymers distributes the TRUCIRCLE™ Solutions that provides a wide portfolio of products for a circular economy. ISCC certified materials are products partially manufactured from renewable sources, reducing the use of traditional fossil sources. The use of TRUCIRCLE™ solutions closes the loop towards a circular economy in plastics.

The TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio has solutions that contain plastic materials from polyolefins to engineering materials such as Lexan™ Polycarbonate. 

At Guzman Polymers we know that plastic is vital to our daily lives. We are committed to providing sustainable materials to our customers and making changes to achieve a more circular economy. For this we want to have the appropriate certificates to give our customers the security of their material.