8 July, 2022

Moving Forward a Sustainable Mobility – CEP Auto 2022

SAX Polymers – Compounding for New Innovation in the Automotive Industry

This week we had the pleasure of working with our sister company, SAX Polymers, in the #CEP Auto 2022 event in Barcelona. Where SAX was able to display their Compounding Solutions for New Innovation in the Automotive Industry.

SAX® Polymers specializes in the production, processing and coloring of engineering plastics. The ISO 9001 certified company with production facilities in Vienna (Austria) and Oberriet (Switzerland) offers customer-oriented technical plastic solutions in addition to the standard range and masterbatches.

At SAX Polymers, they are working on various solutions for sustainability. ECO-electricity and investments in photovoltaic energy, as well as the protection of grasslands from sharpshooters and bees, are just some of the many projects. Thanks to our in-house range of plastic granules that includes a large number of products that can be colored, refined or modified with various reinforcing materials. The use of modern twin-screw extruders makes it possible to process all technical polymers into high-quality compounds. Especially in automotive applications SAX Polymer was able to underline its competence with customized solutions and innovations.

The automobile manufacturer, which belongs to the Volkswagen AG, with a production of more than 800,000 vehicles per year, relies on SAXAMID™ from the Austrian-Swiss plastics compounder SAX Polymers for the interior doors. The material SAXAMID™ 126F2K4 is ideal for this particularly stressed area of the vehicle due to its high robustness and at the same time noble surface structure.

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