1 September, 2022

20 Years of Collaboration

THANK YOU AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão,Lda!! Thank you for 20 YEARS of growing and working together.

It has not been an easy journey, we left behind 2 pandemic years, multiple bumps on the road, but they have been fulfilling. We started small, but today we are amongst the Top Distributing Leaders in the Iberian Peninsula. We´ve joined an exceptional group, the #HromatkaGroup, with over 50-years of distribution in plastic and can´t wait for more success in the upcoming #future .
Congratulations on all our efforts and achievements! And what better way to celebrate all these years than by enjoying a #sales meeting and taking Lisbon by storm! Thank you, Hromatka Group, for joining us in our celebration and AGI for the whole organization.