21 March, 2024

Stable Dimensions with ULTEM™ for Precise Measurements

SABIC’s high-performance plastic ULTEM™ withstands high temperatures, is highly durable and rigid, and is characterized by low creep behavior. Thanks to its reliable maintenance of dimensional tolerances in all directions over a wide temperature range, the LiDAR sensor’s perfect performance is ensured even in harsh environmental and weather conditions.

Although LiDAR technology has been around since the 1960s, it has only gained momentum in recent years. And this year, it faces a small revolution:


The Munich-based company Blickfeld, specializing in LiDAR solutions for security systems, building and object security, or crowd analytics, has not only introduced the first LiDAR sensor to the market that can capture and process 3D data instantly but has also replaced a key component: The innovative solution behind the Qb2 is called ULTEM™.


LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging and is an optical detection technique that provides highly accurate three-dimensional measurements using laser sensing in any environment and on any object. The optical carrier is one of the most demanding components of the device, as the highly complex, miniaturized component accommodates the essential optics and microelectronics, crucial for precise measurements and reliable sensor functionality. Until now, metal has been used for this part. However, Blickfeld was looking for an alternative material to simplify production scaling. By using ULTEM™, this requirement has been met, and secondary processing steps have also been saved. This has led to a noticeable reduction in overall system costs.


ULTEM™ PEI is a high-performance polymer capable of withstanding high temperatures, being highly durable and rigid, and exhibiting low creep behavior. Due to the reliable maintenance of dimensional tolerances in all directions over a wide temperature range, the high optical performance of the LiDAR sensor is ensured in different environments. Therefore, it was a logical step for the German LiDAR specialist’s designers to choose ULTEM™ instead of the previously used aluminum carrier in the devices. The easier processing and scalability, as well as the cost reduction, justify this innovative step.


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